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Successful Conclusion of{0><}0{>2017 China (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week, Science and Research Institution Innovation Achievements Fair<0}
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中国科学院展区Chinese Academy of Sciences


外国专家在清华东莞创新中心参观Foreign experts are visiting at the Tsinghua Innovation Center in Dongguan


东莞理工学院展出的感应机器人Sensing robots from Dongguan University of Technology

The three-day 2017 China (Dongguan) International Science and Technology Cooperation Week, Science and Research Institution Innovation Achievements Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Cooperation and Achievements Fair) successfully concluded yesterday in Dongguan. Thanks to science & technology cooperation, Dongguan, the world factory, has risen to be a leader in innovation that receives global attention.

本届合作周、科创会吸引了美国、俄罗斯、德国、英国等国家和地区以及国内多个科研院所的一大批科学家、企业家参与,充分展示了最新的科技成果,开展了广泛而深入的国际科技合作,达成多项产学研合作成果。This session has attracted a large number of scientists and entrepreneurs from foreign countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as several scientific research institutes in China. It was a successful session with the latest S&T achievements being displayed, extensive and intensive international S&T cooperation being conducted and various achievements of industry-university-research cooperation being realized.

在展会上,东莞创新地图亮相一度成为热点,参会嘉宾纷纷到创新地图区域,通过触摸屏了解东莞科技创新情况。During the exhibition, Dongguan Innovative Map has become a highlight, with participants gathering to learn more about technology innovation in Dongguan through a touch screen. 另外,众多科技大咖带来的高精尖黑科技”,也让市民大呼过瘾In addition, the high-grade, precise and advanced "black technology" by S&T big figures also light up the public.

12 academicians, the best brains, gather at one forum

作为世界知名的国际科技交流合作平台,本届科技合作周、科创会以科技合作产研对接共创未来为主题,设立了总面积为25000平方米的六大专题展区,分别为国际合作区、科创成果区、前沿科技区、专业技术区、创新生态区和互动体验区。As a world renowned platform for international scientific and technological exchange, the 2017 Cooperation and Achievements Fair established six major thematic areas of 25,000 square meters, respectively, for international cooperation, scientific and innovative achievements, cutting-edge science & technology, professional technology, innovative ecological and interaction experience. The theme is Promoting S&T cooperation and matching research with production for a better future. The exhibition showcased quality scientific and technological innovation resources of developed countries in Europe and the United States, as well as of countries along the Belt and Road. The latest achievements of new research and development institutions and local academies of sciences in China were displayed as well, along with products and services related to civil-military integration, science and education and intellectual property rights. 

同时,合作周、科创会也成为科技权威交流研讨的新阵地。At the same time, the cooperation week has become a new front of discussion and exchange for science and technology authorities. Apart from the 2nd China Science & Technology Innovation Forum, the organizers also put on 17 thematic forums in the field of international scientific and technological cooperation, intelligent manufacturing, nuclear energy, satellite applications and social livelihood. This has offered strong intellectual support to both Dongguan and Guangdong in realizing a successful transformation through international science and technology cooperation.

Among them, the Microbiology Safety and Health Forum gathered up to 12 academicians, making it Dongguans version of The Brain.<0}

World renowned experts and scholars discuss about artificial intelligence

三天的活动中,众多科技大咖亮相,共同探讨当今科技发展尖端趋势。In the course of three days of activity, many scientific and technological giants explored the trends of today's technological development. At the 2nd China Science & Technology Innovation Forum, Nobel laureate Robert Coles, winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Kevin Kelly, founding editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and best-selling author, delivered a keynote speech and had a round-table forum with well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad. 

罗伯特·柯尔带来了创新与科学的主题演讲。Robert Coles brought a keynote speech on "Innovation and Science." 演讲中,罗伯特·柯尔对中国珠三角地区的发展模式予以肯定,认为人工智能、能源和生物这三个领域代表了中国未来创新发展的方向。In his speech, Robert Coles affirmed the development pattern of Chinas PRD region, believing the three fields of artificial intelligence, energy and biology represent the future direction of innovative development in China. 针对他所擅长的化学能源领域,他建议要促进可再生能源的发展,尤其是在电力方面,如提升氢能燃料电池的储存效率,研发出更加高效的电池产品等。In response to the chemical energy sector where he excels, he proposed promoting renewable energy development, particularly in the field of electricity, such as upgrading the storage efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells and developing more efficient battery products. 

凯文·凯利带来了从《必然》一书了解塑造我们未来的12个技术力量的主题演讲。Kevin Kelly delivered a keynote speech on "Understanding the 12 powers of technology that shape our future from The Inevitable." 他在演讲中预言了人类与人工智能的关系:未来人类将与机器携手,而非对抗。In the speech, he predicted the future relationship between man and artificial intelligence. That is, man will join hands with machines in the future, not against. “机器人会给人类创造新的工作岗位,负责解决效率问题,而人类报酬的多寡将取决于与人工智能的合作程度。Robots will create new jobs for humans and solve the problem of efficiency, and the compensation a man receives will depend on his degree of cooperation with artificial intelligence", he said.

Dongguan Innovation Map becomes a hot spot

8日上午的开幕式后,参会领导巡展时,特意来到创新地图区域,听市科技局局长吴世文的讲解。During their tour of the exhibition following the Opening Ceremony on the morning of Dec. 8, all the participating officials visited the Innovative Map area, where they listened to a presentation by Wu Shiwen, chief of the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. 

2016年东莞高新技术企业共有2028,新型研发机构33,创新团队60,实验室76……In 2016, there were 2,028 high-tech enterprises, 33 new research and development institutions, 60 innovation teams and 76 laboratories. 东莞创新地图全部告诉你:东莞有多少创新资源,你可到哪里去找这些资源。How many innovative resources are there in Dongguan? Where can you find these resources? You can get answers to all these questions from Dongguan Innovation Map. 创新地图屏幕上展现出东莞市科技创新的全景图,各项创新要素采用空间地理信息技术直观呈现。The Innovation Map screen provides a panoramic view of scientific and technology innovations in Dongguan, with all the innovation elements being presented visually through spatial and geographic information technologies. 

东莞创新地图由市科技局指导建设,由东莞市电子计算中心研制开发。Dongguan Innovation Map has been developed by Dongguan Computer Center (DGCC) under the guidance of the Dongguan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. It represents a panorama layout of science and technology innovation in Dongguan. Based on statistical data on science and technology as well as the spatial and geographic information, the Innovation Map offers a visual presentation of Dongguans innovation elements and competitive edges in future development.

Invitation for Bids of Solutions for Top Ten Technical Difficulties causes a sensation

9日上午,本届活动的看点之一十大企业技术难题招标专场活动在科技创新生态展区国际路演大厅举行。On the morning of Dec.9, the invitation for bids of solutions for top ten technical difficulties, one of the highlights of the event, was held in the International Roadshow Hall at the Innovative Ecological Area. 经过层层筛选,从全省各地企业征集的十大难题,面向大众发布。Through layers of screening, the ten major technical problems collected from enterprises across the province were released to the public. They include the technology for energy-saving production of salt from seawater, the technology for the preparation of electrical films of high storage energy density, key technology for the development and intelligent production of high-end aluminum profiles for transportation applications, and so on. Each technical problem set off the atmosphere immediately after it has been released. Many enterprises at the scene expressed their great enthusiasm, stating that these technical puzzles were not just technical problems of a single enterprise, but common technical problems of the entire industry craving for a solution.

线下路演的同时,创客猫也在现场进行图文直播,众多创客线上参与这一活动,提出了不少有见地的解决方案。At the same time, Chuangkem was providing live streaming of the event on the site. Many makers participated in the activity online, offering quite a few insightful solutions. As part of the future efforts, participants online will be matched with the enterprise releasing the corresponding technical difficulty. Just one day later, one of these technical problems, released by Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. has been accepted by Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing.

The Technology Innovation Crowdsourcing Competition offers up to RMB 300,000 as prize

2017赢在东莞科技创新众包大赛也在合作周上启动。The 2017 "Win in Dongguan" Technology Innovation Crowdsourcing Competition, Dongguans very first contest on crowdsourcing, was also launched during the Cooperation and Achievements Fair. It is a competition where the supply and demand sides of the technology achieve cooperation through matchmaking of innovative results. The event is guided by

 the government and oriented to enterprise demands, with the purpose of commercializing such innovation results.

本次大赛承办单位东莞科技在线众包平台联合了各科研院所、平台、企业以及众包大赛分赛区承办单位结成战略合作伙伴关系,为企业的科技进步提供坚强的后盾。Dongguan Science and Technology Online crowdsourcing platform, the organizer of the event, formed strategic partnerships with various scientific research institutions, platforms, enterprises and organizers of sub-areas of the competition, providing a strong backing for the technological progress of the enterprises. 启动仪式上,三组平台战略合作伙伴进行签约,来自广州、深圳、东莞等地二十多家新型研发机构和企业参与科研众包的发包或提供技术解决方案。At the launching ceremony, three groups of strategic partners signed a cooperation agreement, and more than a score new-type research institutions and enterprises from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan participated in the contract-awarding process and offered technical solutions. The final has set up special awards, first prizes, second prizes and third prizes, with a total reward of up to RMB 30,000.

CAS Cloud Computing Center joins hands with Konka Group to tap the comprehensive health industry

The supporting activities of the Cooperation and Achievements Fair were also full of highlights. In particular, the Cloud Computing and Big Data Forum saw The Cloud Computing Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences executing a strategic cooperation agreement with a number of organizations and enterprises. The CAS Cloud Computing Center will join hands with Konka Group in capitalizing on the comprehensive health sector.

近几年来,东莞依托中科院云计算中心等科研机构,在云计算和大数据基础设施建设和技术研发方面,已经走在国内前列,如今,东莞正在加速探索云计算和大数据的产业化应用。In recent years, Dongguan by relying on the CAS Cloud Computing Center and other scientific research institutions, has been at the forefront of cloud computing and big data infrastructure construction and related technology development. Today, it is accelerating the industrial application of cloud computing and big data technologies.

论坛上,中科院云计算中心与多个机构和企业进行了国际技术转移战略合作伙伴签约。At the Forum, CAS Cloud Computing Center signed an International Technology Transfer Strategic Partnership Agreement with a number of institutions and enterprises. 今后,云计算中心将依托自身优势,并整合合作伙伴的资源,力争把更多的云计算新兴技术和平台资源引入东莞,推动东莞云计算和大数据产业的发展,助力传统产业的转型升级。In the future, the Cloud Computing Center will rely on its own strengths and integrate the resources of its partners to bring to Dongguan new cloud computing technologies and platform resources to promote the development of the local cloud computing and big data sector, thus propelling the transformation of traditional industries.

Feature Stories

11 patent packages auctioned off for RMB 25 million

这次合作周、科创会还举行了科技成果专项拍卖会。The Cooperation and Achievements Fair also featured a special auction of scientific and technological achievements.

“175,180,现场还有加价的么……28号第一次,28号第二次,28180万最后一次!”"1.75 million, 1.8 million, any more bid? No. 28 once, No. 28 twice, No. 28 last chance!” As随着拍卖师一声落槌,28号竞拍人拍下8号标的——数据传输专利包。 the auctioneer gaveled the lectern, the No. 28 bidder took the No. 8 auction target - the data transmission patent package. 

科技成果专项拍卖会现场气氛火热,来自企业界和知识产权界的买家纷纷一掷千金,誓把目标成果收入囊中。The site of the auction got rather intense as buyers from both business community and the intellectual property world pledged to offer tens of thousands in order to pocket the auction lot.

此次参与拍卖的共有11项专利成果。There were 11 patents for auction, covering single patent, patent package and patent application rights, provided by well-known enterprises and scientific research institutions, such as Chengdu Kuanhe Technology LLC, ZTE Corporation, Huawei, Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing, Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environment and Soil Sciences, Dongguan Innovation Center of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, etc. The auction lots span a variety of fields, such as smart devices, communication & transmission, 3D printing, multimedia, new material batteries, soil protection, and so forth.

在拍卖环节,竞拍人举牌踊跃,纷纷加价2万、5,甚至出现了两位竞拍人轮流举牌争夺,一度将气氛推至高潮。During the auction, the bidders raised their prices one after another, offering increments of up to 20,000 and 50,000. Two of the bidders even bade against each other, bringing the auction to a climax.

最终,整场拍卖会拍出2507.8万元,总体溢价39.12%Eventually, the auction fetched RMB 25.078 million, with an overall premium of 39.12 per cent. 其中,底价最高的标王为省材料与加工研究院带来的一项3D打印材料制备技术,其身价从800万元的底价攀升到1200万元成交。Among them, the technology for the preparation of 3D printing materials brought by the Guangdong Institute of Materials and Processing, started at RMB 8 million - the highest starting price of all  and sold at RMB 12 million to become the highest bid object.

现场拍卖师、广东友华拍卖行有限公司总经理助理闵涛表示,今年8月在广州举行了广东首场线下知识产权拍卖,这次东莞的拍卖应该是省内的第二场。According to Min Tao, the auctioneer and assistant general manager of Guangdong Huayou Auctions Co., Ltd., the first offline intellectual property auction was held in Guangzhou in August of this year, and this auction in Dongguan should be the second of its type in the province. 

拍卖价位都在预期价位之内。"The auction prices are within the expected price range. 而且技术基本都是中兴、华为等大公司申请的专利,一定程度上来看我们觉得性价比较高。Whats more, the technologies are basically patented technologies of big companies like ZTE and Huawei. So to some extent, we believe it is good value for money to ", said Ms. Xu of Guangdong Gaohang Intellectual Property Rights Operation Co., Ltd. who participated in the auction. According to Ms. Xu, the company is engaged in intellectual property operation and has attended similar IP auctions elsewhere before. But it was the first time that they took part in an auction of patent and technology results. The patents they have successfully bid will be used for future operation of the Company.

市科技局有关负责人表示,当前专利拍卖乃新兴事物,通过拍卖会进行专利技术交易,很大程度上降低了在传统交易模式下企业一对一长时间谈判的交易成本,解决了专利交易转化率低的问题。The head of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that patent auction is still new, and that the sale of patented technology through auction has largely reduced the transaction costs associated with the prolonged one-on-one negotiations between enterprises under the traditional trading model, and solved the problem of the low conversion rate of patent transactions. 

BingoBox unmanned convenience store cheers for the Fair

这次合作周上,除了尖端黑科技,无人便利店领军企业缤果盒子也亮相展会,为大会参与者提供新购物体验。Apart from cutting-edge black technologies, BingoBox, a leader in the unmanned convenience store sector, also made its way to the exhibition to provide a new shopping experience for the participants.

合作周开幕后,市委副书记、市长梁维东,市委常委、宣传部部长杨晓棠也被设置在国际会展中心正门左手边的缤果盒子吸引,走进现场,体验了轻松流畅的购物,并了解无人便利店内含的黑科技After the event kicked off, Mr. Liang Weidong, deputy secretary of Dongguan municipal Party committee and mayor of Dongguan City, and Mr. Yang Xiaotang, Standing Committee member of the municipal Party committee and director of the Publicity Department of Dongguan City, were also drawn to the BingoBox set on the left side of the entrance of the Dongguan International Convention and Exhibition Center. They later experienced for themselves the easy and smooth shopping experience provided there and got to know the "black technology" behind the unmanned convenience store.

东莞市缤果盒子网络科技有限公司董事长雷建龙说,东莞市是国内便利店密度最高的城市,拥有良好的便利店发展土壤,某种意义上,东莞可以称为便利店之城Mr. Lei Jianlong, chairman of Dongguan BingoBox Network Technology Co., Ltd. said Dongguan with the highest density of convenience stores in the whole country, has good conditions for the development of convenience stores. In a sense, Dongguan is the City of Convenience Stores. 缤果盒子是新零售业态。BingoBox represents a new form of retail business.

缤果盒子无人便利店目前采用RFID技术,实行前端无人化”,后端数据化的运营模式,构建出智能化高效化流畅化的消费环境。BingoBox unmanned convenience store currently uses the RFID technology to support the operation model of unmanned front-end plus digitalized “back-end, thus offering a smart, smooth and highly efficient shipping environment. 把选好的商品放上收银台,电脑随即自动结算,并发出语音提示,顾客可选择微信或支付宝扫码结账。The customer only needs to put the selected items on the cashier's desk, and the computer will settle automatically. Voice prompt will be available and the customer can choose either WeChat or Alipay for payment. 支付完成后,店门即会自动打开,整个购物过程最快可在一分钟内完成。After payment is completed, the shop door will open automatically. The entire shopping process can be completed within a minute. 为社区居民生活提供低成本,更便利的生活服务设施,创造一个新型的消费场景。The technology can offer local residents more convenient service facilities that create a new consumption pattern.

雷建龙透露,2018年春节后,缤果盒子2.0版本将逐步用图像识别技术取代了目前广泛使用的RFID电子标签,可以进一步节省商品贴标签的人工和成本。(As Lei has revealed, after the Spring Festival 2018, the BingoBox version 2.0 will gradually replace the widely used RFID electronic label with the image recognition technology, which can further reduce the labor and cost of product labeling. 记者 李春燕)Reporter Li Chunyan)

The Education Equipment Professional Exhibition debuts at the Fair

Have you ever seen fruit playing a piano?

电线连接上水果可以弹琴,高考时报考志愿通过大数据平台帮你智能分析。A piece of fruit, when electrically connected to a piano, can play it. If you are a candidate for the National College Entrance Examination trying to state your preferences, the big data platform can help make an intelligent analysis. These are examples of the high-tech educational equipment on display at the 2017 Cooperation and Achievements Fair. 1200平米的高新技术教育装备展区,是首次亮相科技合作周的专业展,展示前沿科技在教育行业的应用。The 1,200-square-meter high-tech education equipment exhibition, making its debut at the Fair, showcases the applications of cutting-edge technologies in the education sector.

多媒体课室系统,录播系统,教学云机房在智慧校园创建中的应用;“电子书包,电子班牌在校园智能化中的应用等等,这些高新技术教育装备吸引市民驻足了解。The application of multimedia classroom system, recording system, and  cloud computer room for teaching in the building of smart campus, the application of electronic schoolbag and class cards in campus intellectualization, these and many other high technology educational devices has made people to stop and understand. One course titled “the fruit piano attracted the public to experience for themselves: Just touch the fruit and it will play wonderful music. According to the staff of the Young Makers

 少年创客平台的工作人员介绍,他们研发的课程均适用孩子们第二课堂,有利于学生掌握入门机器人知识,利用各种电子模块还可以实现各种应用,另外该平台的教育机器人还可以兼容乐高器材等,让创意表达不受限制。platform, the courses they have developed apply to children's second classroom activities, enabling them to master the knowledge of entry-level robots. All kinds of applications can be achieved as well using various electronic modules. Moreover, the platform's educational robots are compatible with Lego equipment so that students can express themselves in a creatively unrestricted way.

129,作为教育装备专业展的执行单位,中启教育在科技合作周上亮相并举行项目路演,吸引了业界的关注。(On 9 December, CKEYDU, the implementing unit of the Education Equipment professional show, launched a project roadshow at the Fair, which attracted the attention of the whole industry. 记者 张欣仪)Reporter Zhang Xinyi)

Nancheng strives to be the center of science and technology industrial innovation of Dongguan City

作为本届合作周、科创会的举办地,南城也不遗余力地推动科技南城工程建设。Nancheng District, the venue for the 2017 Cooperation and Achievements Fair, has spared no efforts in promoting the Technology-Empowered Nancheng project. 

今年以来,南城街道出台相关政策措施,努力争创全市科技产业创新中心城区。Since this year, Nancheng has introduced relevant policy measures so as to become the center of the city's science and technology industrial innovation. 截至目前,南城辖区共有9个市级以上科技企业孵化器,其中国家级4,国家级培育单位(省级孵化器)2;国家高新技术企业132,高企密度为每平方公里2.3,远高于全市高企密度每平方公里0.8家的水平,创新主体要素集聚明显。As of now, there are a total of nine S&T business incubators at or above the municipal level (including four at the national level), and two national-level cultivation units (provincial incubators) . Additionally, they are 132 high-tech enterprises within the jurisdiction of Nancheng, that is, 2.3 per every square kilometer, well above the citys average of 0.8 per square kilometer.<0} These are clear signs of concentration of the main innovation elements.

2011年始,南城街道财政每年安排专项资金用于扶持孵化器及入孵企业,掀起改造建设科技孵化器的热潮。Since 2011, the financial bureau of Nancheng Sub-district has earmarked special funds for incubators and incubated enterprises each year, leading to a surge in the transformation and construction of science and technology incubators. 201711,南城9大科技园区办公面积近90万平方米,聚集科技型企业2700多家,企业专利累计近3000,聚集科技型人才3万多人。By November of 2017, Nancheng boasted nine scientific and technological parks with up to 900,000 square meters of office space, 2,700 high-tech enterprises and over 30,000 S&T talents. Total patents of these enterprises added up to nearly 3,000.

2013年至2016,科技企业孵化器及入孵企业的纳税总额合计超过8.5亿,且呈现出总税收额度逐年稳步增加、入孵企业税收占比逐步抢占主导地位的特点。In the period from 2013 to 2016, total tax payment by high-tech business incubators and incubated enterprises totaled more than RMB 850 million. Gross tax revenue incased steadily year by year, with the incubated enterprises gradually becoming a major contributor.

广深科技创新走廊作为2018年省市创新驱动的重要工作之一,南城街道围绕广深科技创新走廊东莞段南城片区建设,二大创新节点,七个创新项目为依托,带动南城创新驱动发展,成为南城科技创新的新引擎。(Based on the two critical links and seven innovation projects, Nancheng Sub-district will work hard to build the Nancheng portion of the Dongguan section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, which is a major part of the innovation-driven campaign of both Dongguan City and Guangdong Province. On this basis, Nancheng Sub-district intends to promote innovation-driven development in the district, making it’s a new engine for scientific and technological innovation of Nancheng. (Reporter Li Chunyan)

Monda Group participates in the Fair, along with upstream and downstream enterprises

Partnering with a scientific research crowdsourcing platform to promote industrialization of research findings

每届合作周都吸引了大批优秀企业参展,今年也不例外。Like each previous session, the 2007 Cooperation and Achievements Fair has attracted a large number of outstanding enterprises. <0} For instance, Monda Group, an industrial internet pacesetter native to Dongguan, has taken part in the Fair for two years consecutively. But this year is different in that they have brought with them both upstream and downstream enterprises. According to the company's staff in charge of the exhibition, all company stands for this year were specially-decorated ones. 除了展示自己公司的科技创新成果外,还首次携手产业链上下游企业参展,展示新材料方面的技术新成果。In addition to showcasing its own scientific and technological innovation achievements, the company has joined other enterprises along the industrial chain for the first time, to display new technical achievements in the area of new materials. 

今年对于盟大来说,是倍增发展的一年,作为南城倍增计划试点企业,截至11月底,该公司营收同比增长近五倍。This year was a year of exponential growth for Monda Group. As a pilot enterprise for Nanchengs Multiplication program, the companys operating income recorded a year-on-year increase of nearly five times as of late November. 公司旗下平台大易有塑的交易规模截至11月底,累计已经突破了250亿,年底可以实现300亿。By the end of November, total transactions via Da Yi You Su, a platform affiliated to the company, reached RMB 25 billion. The figure is expected to surpass RMB 30 billion by the end of the year. 

科技周期间,盟大集团与东莞科技在线科研众包平台签约,成为战略合作伙伴,整合东莞创新资源,为东莞企业科技进步提供强大的力量支持。During the Fair, Monda Group signed a strategic partnership agreement with Dongguan Science and Technology Online crowdsourcing platform. Together, they would integrate innovation resources in Dongguan to sustain scientific and technological progress of local enterprises.

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